Thank you for your interest in employment at Rebecca's Rainbow ELC. Before putting in your application with us here are a few traits we are looking for our staff to have. Please note that our center's first priority is the children and families we serve.
What we look for in our teachers:
Respect- Respect toward yourself, your co-workers, and up most respect toward the families and children we serve.
Energy- Abundant energy to get in the floor and interact with our children. Our staff play, learn and grow along with our students each and everyday!
Bubbly- As a teacher you must be bubbly and able to talk with parents about their child's day, whether good or bad. Positive attitudes and a person who chat with a parent with a smile
Education- We love our staff to constantly learn about Early Childhood Education and how they can better the quality of our students care. If you are a college student please feel free to fill out an application. Our director works well with college schedules! ALL staff are encouraged to continue their education annually!
Character- Each of our teacher bring their own character and charisma to the table! We
encourage individuality among the staff as well as someone who values team work and flexibility!
Choices- We need staff to help childern and encourage children to make good choices. Being a teacher at Rebecca's Rainbow also means that as an adult you make the right choices too, inside and outside of the workday!
Advocate- We look for staff that are advocates for the young child! When they can not speak up for themselves we are there to do what is right by the child!
Smiles- Working with children allows you to be a child again! Enjoy your job and enjoy the little blessings that you work with everyday!

To apply for a position at Rebecca's Rainbow, please send your resume to rebeccasrainbowelc@gmail.com


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